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Greetings and Peace To All ~

"This is Master Azreal and I surround you completely with a force field of activity of divine love of presence and knowingness of the Christ.

Encouragement is needed on the path, how often we have encouraged you each, for what you begin to do here and now, as absolute release. Regaining the right momentum from which to work, bringing peace instead. How often the resistances have been met, put aside, laid aside even, that you merge beyond, and into light once more.

You continue ‘GROWTH CYCLES,’ as long as you are in Earth. There is continuing pain release. Evolution it has been called. This is the state of the Earth also, reflecting peace. The state of the Earth is moving toward joy, and away from fear. But it also has to go through its bondages broken, its release of karmic desire. There must be the true release. So we bring Earth through transformation. What happens through Earths shifting is uniting in experiences of release, clearing and continuing through the 21st century man. This will be brought out in activities later, as of peace. So, we are regaining vibrations of light into the Earth, to release disease and all harbored pain sentiments of grief, that come to be removed. The scales, the shackles, being taken off. So yes, there are episodes of pain release through Earth level experience, through the all-ness of man; through the wholeness that effect these times as revitalization at the core, bringing energy out and through, where it has not touched before, or at least a long time has been yearning to be.

It is the flow and ebb of movement as much as anything else. The time to be not constricted, restricted, it only brings more balance in life. So what you can expect as release over the next several cycles of Earths’ rejuvenation will bring a balancing effect for all to heal. Even those in awareness of their images of untruth, or their cloudiness, or that bring growth; can begin to see the hardship through Earth levels that needs to end, or become balanced through love. Love is the key that opens any door in universal order. So we are working through the experiences of love now, relating to WINGS effect, to the new energy on Earth, to bringing peace. We want all to have deep experiences of love, to bring their own desires out, to feel healing experienced and this will be as the new Heaven and Earth. It will bring a reuniting though all levels of experience. So there will be many experiences as of warfare ending, as of the nations uniting, as of pacts made and of the celebrations through the peoples on Earth, as of revenge and degradations, these things being sloughed off and ended. And the truth is that all grow. And between then and now there will be the karmic debris clearing the shattering and the changing much, the opening and the release made. There will often be flares of resistance and pain. There will often be ‘hot beds’ or ‘fire aspects’ though out Earth. As you have seen for sometime, or in levels of release through military action through all that has been taken on, though the balancing out, through the discord remaining, the fugitive aspect too. Many times revisited and the world begins to unite, it becomes as one Being of Light. So what we look for in 21st Century Man is the days of coming peace, to move beyond warfare as within self. But as to aligning with planetary action, as to the true peace needed, and the healing of the Earth, responsibility must be taken for the Earthly bodies even as one would work within self. As working with the resources of the kingdom of light, coming through Earth balancing through all negative aspects, the flushing out, the aligning of the systems. This will be seen as a much needed focus in 21st Century Man, that all begin to align with Earth level activity, as caretakers of the Earth.

So much has been aligned already and men are beginning to awaken to their true spiritual aspect, but there will be a bringing of spirit on Earth through peace. There will be the shattering of many veils and the coming into a new ‘Light Activity’, for those prepared to merge with Spirit. And these become as the caretakers for other levels of activity, of bringing all together as ONE. So there will be many movements in many fields of work. Many underground negotiations of peace. Open warfare may be ended on one scale, as a last resort, or measure as an acting out, as what is seen; but underneath through it all there is a deep alleviation at the core, almost as cause and effect, you will see the world scales begin to balance, through the depths of being. So there is an inner work taking place to clear Earth images of truth and untruth, to awaken God Woman/Man to responsibilities to nurturing instincts to love within self, to the Earth as balanced in Light. So we begin to seed reservoirs of energy around Earth, for what comes in time….You will see well placed portions of work or portioned diagrams or balanced activity throughout life that will be seen as wedged tools, creating fear released. Even in the cabinet, making decisions as supporting the Presidents’ work, many things aligned with truth. (So there are levels of desire as some releases being made now, to prepare for that activity later.) But we work at the depths and as heralds and as beacons of our time. At least one and perhaps two Centuries ahead or before the entire networking experience, as all becomes aligned. So there will be a true balancing out, as in the time of Christ, it took two thousand years after the time of His passing, to come again into alignment through this work to take on a deeper level of what was begun in His time, a cycle in itself. And we begin now to create in a new activity of balancing, but working with old tools, magnificent tools created then, it is a movement, an alignment in light.

There are those wheels set into motion, through others, those who can take on depths of experience and remember what was done before, that these memory traces can be ignited in truth that they can feel and see experience within self and know their awakening moment in light. There will be many of those soul workers in the planet, in time, through the all-ness and is-ness planting seeds around Earth. This is the vigil within self, waiting and watching for memory traces or coming again into truth, grasping the meaning of light.

So we guide and direct activities that you may only take part in. There will be one day in activity, or one time needed within Earth to bring this to mind, to conscious level. That the Earth will see revealed that this is the time of Man or the coming of Age or the coming into truth as the Water Bearer. There will be dipping into the ocean of light. So yes, memory traces can be awakened and can come into a full environment of love, within the all-ness and the is-ness and this takes time. So as disruptions occur within Earth we become the salves and balms, the alleviation at the greatest depths. So there will be an energy put forth of balancing out through light and love and calling together of the troops upon Earth. A revitalizing aspect much needed, there is a call put forth through many levels of activity that is heard around Earth.

So there is a patterning and re-patterning effect, a place to be a place not to be. A time to work and a time to move on, to have these wings at your heels, you will always be where you are needed and directed in activity from the highest will. And there will be a coming together for all time.

We will remain very constricted or restricted not but opening to all, and yet working with the level of experience needed. Each one will come forth into the activity as called and chosen and accepted in truth. And with others that are not misaligned, but that brings truth, each and everyone accepting responsibility within self. Understand what I have said very deeply, and maintain and align with light, and you can see too what is needed to come to pass, for the Earth as a whole for her light-body to be taken on, for the Earth as a group of tools within this time of man. Even as Ascension means, coming into Christ in ones own right, this comes to be acceptance of self. So again, as to immediate discovery or what we bring to align with ‘Temples of Light,’ it can come very easily to pass. So this is a beginning and not an end to all who align with this, will see the Christ. It is taking you to the recognition within self. We bring you blessings and peace within this time of Earth, with all that is coming to pass…….! “

Master Azreal

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