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Let the veils be lifted for an inner view of reality of the TRUTH of the Christ. TRUTH and wisdom play only a part, for the vibration of LOVE is the strongest, and the instant desire of promoting GODíS order in the Universe, the universal plan unfolding in TRUTH, this is to create disillusionment to disappear, a magicianís wand effect, like lifting the veils to see the inner dimensions of TRUTH and GRACE. This is an important task to be done in everyday activity, not only with the group penetration of strength, but also with the individual lifestyle.

These words are to be incorporated into the vocabulary of Light Students, taken to heart, read continuously through the activities of opening to the Divine nature. So, we begin with TRUTH.

Actuality is a presence of Light, an activity of GRACE, and depends on self; the individual as to what TRUTH is termed most dear. It is a cognizant TRUTH, it leads in direction. So actuality is the presence of GOD on earth, and we begin with INNER TRUTH.

ENDEARMENT is a term of the heart, affections or worth. But it means more than this, a stillness, a sound vibration of TRUTH coming forth merging, the heartís gratitude and PEACE opening, flowering toward GOD. ENDEARMENT is one of GODíS terms most used, likening us to GOD. It is a corollary action of TRUST. So it is the desire nature battling with the lower self at times, which brings self-worth issues to be cleared, to bring ENDEARMENT forth through TRUST, to shift causality of lower natures to a higher plane of existence. There is an opening toward GOD, a fight for life almost, which creates persistence and pain eventually to be lifted. It is a fulfillment toward PEACE.

With the activity of the CHRIST, we want to announce CHRISTíS name within this School of Light, and also the abundance of LIGHT, the CHRISTED colors, the Temple of Light clearing on Earth, anticipating HIS RETURN. RETURN OF THE CHRIST is mentioned in several instances as pain release, fulfillment of GRACE, a derivative of action, or placing TRUTH on Earth. This is what we mean by CHRIST. It is the Temple of fulfillment for self, the CHRISTED COVENANT, so to speak, or what we would give for HIM on the cross as ourselves, conditioning through release, learning release.

PARTICIPATION is the key word for continuing, striving for perfection. It is an activity of allowing GRACE to enter, the eye of the needle. Vibrations of LIGHT enter with the PARTICIPATIVE EFFECT, bringing renunciation to be cleared, allowing PEACE to be fulfilled. It is coming together with all parts of being, whole, unified, in an attempt to bring PEACE. This is within self. Again, PARTICIPATION is a key word for continuing the Lighted Path in Service For All.

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